Sunday, July 17, 2011

Christmas Craft

Teaching Blog Addict is having a Christmas craft linky party. Do you have a craft or ornament you'd like to share? Click here and link up.
Here's a parent gift I did one year.

The frame is made from jumbo craft sticks. Since I have 32 students, I had my dad make them for me ahead of time. Then I had the students sponge paint the bottom and top. They used sticky back foam pieces to make a snowman. I took their picture with them wearing a Santa hat and then we glued the picture on. We glued ribbon on the back and we were finished! I think this year I will have them make the frame. When my dad put the frames together, he constructed some little contraption to keep the sticks from moving around. So I will bring in his little contraption and have the kids lay the sticks down and glue them. Then they can tell their parents they made the whole frame!


  1. So cute! Thanks for linking up with TBA's Christmas Craft Linky Party! :)

  2. hey Ms. Lopez,
    This is adorable and what a great project.
    Thanks for sharing!
    I hope we meet again soon.

  3. Thanks Fran. The kids had fun sponge painting it.
    I hope we meet again soon too, we are in the same county!