Thursday, July 12, 2012

Vegas Blogger Get Together

These were the signs pointing the way to the Vegas bloggers and stalkers get together at the ITeachK conference on Tuesday, July 10! My pictures did not come out that great, sorry. I was so excited to meet everyone and either forgot to shoot the pictures or moved while shooting and ended up with lots of blurry photos.

Here's a couple of shots of everyone mingling together:

All the blogger celebrities were there, it was so exciting. I gushed all over them. 

After we briefly chatted, it was time for the raffle. Lots and lots of wonderful prizes!!! I actually won two prizes, a $10 gift certificate for TPT, oh yay, and a book on CVC words from Heidi Butkus, yay again. I love her DVDs. 

I had a great time. Thanks so much to Rachelle from What The Teacher Wants who organized it and to all  

Monday, July 9, 2012

Slow down summer, you're moving too fast!

This year I have 10 weeks of summer vacation. 5 weeks down and 5 weeks to go! Ever notice how 5 weeks during the school year draaaaaag but 5 weeks during the summer just fly by? What's up with that?? Anyway,  I've been enjoying my summer except for one thing that has put a HUGE damper on it. I got moved to 1st grade. Boohoohoo. I am soooo upset about this. I love K and am sooo not thrilled with the move. I know it's not the end of the world but I DON'T WANT TO TEACH 1ST!

I do follow many, many, 1st grade blogs and so I have been spending time looking at all the great ideas, especially for Common Core. Last year, we began CCS with Kindergarten and this year 1st grade will begin. Oh joy, I get to start all over!

 But for now I am in Vegas, Baby!! But not at the ITeachK conference because I don't teach K anymore. (boohoo) But I am excited about the blogger meet up. Can't wait to meet everyone!