Monday, August 13, 2012

Monday Made It

Today was my first day back at school. I think there should be a law against school starting in August. It's still SUMMER....and very hot. Today was an inservice day, tomorrow the kids will be there.

So here's my Monday Made It. I had big plans to do lots of crafting for my class this summer, but it didn't work out. But I can still work on my projects (in my spare time) and post them. Anyway, here's what I made for the new year:

An apron. It's very similar to the one I made last summer but this one is bigger. It has 3 pockets, not sure if you can see them. I love to wear aprons, they are so handy. I can put my markers, small post-its, treats,  things I've confiscated from the kids, you name it. Sometimes the pockets get over loaded! With the left over fabric from the aprons, I made the mug bucket that I shared last week. I still have lots of fabric left over. More mug buckets and aprons, I guess.

The next thing I want to show you is some things my dad made for me. I bought the dough stampers from Lakeshore but I did not want to spend the money on the stands to hold them. I showed my dad a picture and he made them for me:

They came out great. I'm going to have to do a future post on things my dad has made for my classroom. He's also a great helper, stapling, cutting, gluing, whatever I need help with. So, come link up over at 4th Grade Frolics or just check out what other bloggers have to share. I'm off to get ready for tomorrow.


  1. I love the apron! Great idea! Come over and enter my giveaway--you could win a laminator!

  2. I love that your dad helps you! :)
    So sweet!

  3. Love the apron and that you put your family to work!!! We are now following you and would love it if you stop by sometime!
    Katie & Lisen

  4. I agree that starting in August should be outlawed! lol One day I'll have time to craft. *sigh* I had all these plans to make my classroom theme packet this summer and I'm STILL working on it. I just don't know how these teachers (and you!) fit it all in!

    1. Ha! I was just reading your post about your Donorschoose projects! Wow!! Very inspiring! I know you listed your projects but I'd love to know specifically what you got. Our local Lion's Club gives away mini-grants and I've always wanted to try it. I tried commenting on one of your posts but...grrrrr....I had a really hard time with that verification.

  5. I have the stampers and LOVE them, but my children get so frustrated digging for letters. I knew some creative smartie-pants would figure out how to make a stand, and that's how I found you! Is there any way you can share how your dad did that? Looks awesome!! Wish I lived closer to my papa. :-(