Monday, May 16, 2011

Our plants sprouted!

Yay! Our plants have sprouted! My kids are so excited and so am I! The first ones started popping out last Thursday and this morning, quite a few more pushed through the soil. The kids are so cute to watch. They go straight to the plants first thing in the morning. I feel a little bad for the ones that haven't come up, but I keep reassuring them that it will happen. I also planted a bean and it hasn't come up yet, that always happens to me! I obviously don't have a green thumb. I told the kids not to worry. We planted 2 beans in each cup just to make sure one would sprout. But I told them if it doesn't happen, we'll plant again. A couple of the cups have sprouted both seeds. Students with green thumbs, I guess.
We made a thinking map about the parts of a plant and talked about the parts we eat so tomorrow we will have a little plant tasting party!

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